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Local authors

A Sailor's Tales

We are pleased to stock books from three local authors in the gallery.


Captain William Wells won a scholarship and left his native New Zealand aged sixteen to begin his nautical training in England. 49 years later he retired as the Senior River Pilot of London's river Thames with the flag rank of Commodore. He is a devoted grandfather and keen golfer and spends a good deal of his time as a public speaker travelling the length and breadth of the UK and aboard cruise ships, talking on matters maritime.

Writing as a master mariner, an experienced ship's captain and commercial marine pilot, this is the account of Captain William Wells' career at sea lasting 49 years, followed by his post retirement career as a successful public speaker. This story follows his life as he climbed through the ranks, interspersed with numerous interesting and amusing anecdotes. He saw action during the Biafran civil war and lived and travelled extensively throughout the Middle East for ten years followed by four years in the Bahamas. His service as a pilot lasted for almost 36 years during which time he handled over 5,000 different ships including many of the worlds largest and heaviest.

This is an interesting, sometimes self deprecating and often humorous account of a truly professional 'Sailor'.


Diana Wells produced her collection of short stories, odes, prose and poetry is especially for women of a certain age.

She says;

"Recognising that my children would probably throw away my ‘scribblings’ after my death, I decided to publish this book as a gift to my friends! Obviously everything I write is based on observation, experience or imagination.  Therefore, there are some dark pieces but many lighter-hearted ones, which I hope will be enjoyed by those reading them as much as I have had in writing them. I send love to those friends, old and new, with whom I have shared laughter – my only pre-requisite for each day!"


In Christine Meanwell's debut novel tragic events from the past have far reaching consequencies, exerting influences over the present and forcing the living to face the truth about themselves and those they love.

Alone in a Norfolk cottage, estranged from her husband, Kate Nichols meets the ghost of a seemingly carefree artist from the sixties. As real life interweaves with this compelling relationship, Kate's circle of friends share confidences. Except for one who only listens...and nobody thinks to ask why until it is dangerously late. Past deceptions and tangled emotions unravel to threated all those drawn to a young man hovering on the edge of existence. A real page turner.



A Sailor's Tales by Captain William Wells, £12.99 including UK shipping.
Odes & Prose
Odes and Prose for Older Women by Diana Wells, £10.99 including UK shipping. Timescape - a first novel by Christine Meanwell, £10.99 including UK shipping.