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Peter Walkem

Ceramics by Peter Walkem

Bedfordshire potter Peter Walkem originally learned the art of throwing in the 1980’s working with the Somerset potter Paul Stubbs, and was immediately fascinated by the creative process. He continued to develop his skills over the next few years, studying with a number of other respected potters including Dave Rogers (Vinegar Hill Pottery, Hampshire) and Chris White (Hookshouse Pottery, Gloucestershire). He now works in a group of studios with other artists in the North Bedfordshire village of Sharnbrook, and sells through exhibitions, and a number of galleries and shops.


Many of the shapes and forms that he uses are inspired by the wonderful work of Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, and by contemporary makers such as Rupert Spira and Kyra Cane. He makes his own glazes from raw materials, and uses his own blends of stoneware and earthenware clays. He uses these to produce colours and textures that owe a great deal to his love of the coastal landscapes of Cornwall, and of the mountains and moorlands of Wales and Scotland.

Ceramics by Peter Walkem Ceramics by Peter Walkem Ceramics by Peter Walkem Ceramics by Peter Walkem
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