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'Pug rug' limited edition etching print - hand printed by Alison Read


A beautifully detailed hand printed black and white etching print by Lincolnshire printmaker Alison Read.  This print shows a cute portrait of a Pug dog in a typical pose, with bright eyes and a wet nose and floppy ears, a portrait full of character. Each print is individually printed ensuring that no two are ever exactly alike, each one has unique qualities and slight differences.
This print is printed on a textured cream heavy weight paper ready for mounting and framing. The printed image measures 275 x 175 mm, with the overall size being 370 x 300 mm. Click on the image to see the full picture.
This print is number 19 from a limited edition of 150.
This print is priced at £50 plus £5 UK shipping.

About the artist
Alison Read is a Lincolnshire printmaker who specialises in hand made original prints using a variety of methods including screenprints, etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and aquatinting. The subject matter is quirky, fun and mainly animal humour, but always different.

Although Alison loves all forms of printmaking, her current favourite is the woodcut, and she attacks her plates quite brutally at times. She is always surprised at how simple they are; just a few lines to denote the essentials. Alison likes the hands-on nature of producing a plate and its immediacy, she doesn’t keep highly detailed sketchbooks etc as she uses the plate rather than paper to work out ideas.

Alison’s upbringing on a farm explains her preoccupation with animals in her work as she had literally spent most of her waking hours outside surrounded by them – cows, cats, dogs and chickens were her constant companions. Alison was the youngest in the family, with an older brother and sister, so the animals were her substitute friends of sorts. It was the best life she could have wished for, but a little unusual, and of course, having this experience led her to know their characters rather well and she has hundreds of stories in her head about them as individuals. For this reason Alison has obviously ‘humanised’ the animal.

We have a wide selection of Alison's prints and greetings cards in the gallery.