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Ceramic rainbow 2020 vase with leaf designs by Stephanie Beasley

£34.95 (Sold out)

A beautiful ceramic vase which has been hand thrown on the wheel giving a simple elegance to the design, and an individuality to the final finished piece. The vase is thrown using white earthenware clay, leaves are then pressed into the surface along with hand drawn rainbows and  stamped houses and hearts to give a three-dimensional relief before glazing. Stephanie uses translucent colour glazes, which allow the base white to show through but still give a real vibrance to the finished piece.

In many countries and cultures rainbows are seen as a symbol of hope, appearing as perfect arcs often during a rainstorm when the sun shines onto water droplets, shattering its white light into an array of brilliant colours. In 2020 with the Coronavirus pandemic they have taken on new meanings for many people and have become a symbol of thanks to those that have carried on working while many stayed at home.

The techniques used to make and decorate this vase ensures not two are ever exactly alike, a fabulous unique piece from a collection that will only be produced during 2020.
This vase measures 135 mm high with a diameter of 95mm, click on an image to see the full pictures.
This vase is priced at £29.95 plus £5.00 UK shipping.

About the maker
Stephanie Beasley, is a Northamptonshire based ceramic artist who makes quirky pieces for everyday use.

Stephanie's main inspiration comes from nature and the countryside that surrounds her, but she also finds inspiration from everyday activities.  Much of her work is hand built using slab building techniques. She uses white earthenware clay, which enables her to create a delicate and finely finished piece, which is then glazed in a variety of colours.  Stehanie Beasley's ceramic pieces are created to be useful and at the same time beautiful to look at.

Recently, she has been experimenting with wheel-thrown vases which are decorated with a bubble glaze technique.