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Large round glass tea light holder in a sheep design by Michelle Breakwell


A quirky and fun large round glass tea light candle holder, which has been hand decorated with vibrantly coloured textured tissue paper. Each piece in our collection has background colours of blues and greens to depict green fields and a beautiful sky, on to this there are white fluffy sheep enjoying the landscape. Each piece is individually hand decorated, the paper used varies due to the texture ensuring that no two are ever exactly alike making each one unique and special.
For your safety, please take care when handling the tea light holder when it has been used as it can become hot to the touch, and never leave a burning candle unattended. Please only use tea light candles.
This tea light holder measures 90 mm high and has a diameter of 80 mm, click on an image to see the full pictures.
This small tea light holder is priced at £11.95 plus £4.00 UK shipping.

About the maker
Derbyshire artist Michelle Breakwell creates a fabulous range of hand decorated glassware using textured tissue paper. The tissue paper is glued on to the glass tea light holder or vase, when it dries it is fixed tight ready for the details to be drawn or painted on to create the characters of her various collections.  Once the design is complete the whole piece is varnished to give it a protective coating, no two pieces are ever exactly alike.