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Reclaimed leather coin purse with a clip top in brown by Phil Brown


A beautifully crafted folding oblong coin purse handmade using reclaimed suede leather. This coin purse is made from two pieces of leather, and has one pocket and a springy clip top fastner. The cleverness of the design means you squeeze the two ends of the top together to open the purse. relaxing the pressure allows the purse to spring tightly shut. Phil has used a brown suede leather, each coin purse is individually hand made making each one unique and very special.
This coin purse measures 110 mm in width, and 100 mm high, click on an image to see the full size picture.
This purse is priced at £14.95 plus £5 packaging and UK shipping.

About the maker
Northamptonshire based leather worker Phil Brown, produces beautiful individually crafted leather wallets, coin purses and credit card holders from pieces of reclaimed leather.
Phil has a long career as part of Northampton's famous shoe manufacturing, working for one of the top names the world over.
The leather that Phil uses is either too small for a shoe component, or has small imperfections that would not be suitable for top quality shoes but are perfect for small bespoke items such as these helping to avoid unnecessary waste of this beautiful material.
Phil cleverly combines colours and textures in his pieces helping to make each one unique in design.
The collection we have in the gallery changes regularly.